What we do

Down South Eats is a multipurpose site offering resources and training focused on the restaurant industry, culinary information, dining out and getting down to it,  when it comes to getting out for food, festivities and fun.

A. Food! We love food and were all about it in our blog. We offer recipes, chef spotlight interviews, dining experiences and info on cool food fun festivals all in the South East U.S.A!

B. Direction. With many years experience we can come in and help your restaurant in many areas including:

  1. Grand Opening Services
    • Human Resources – Staffing, Interviewing, Hiring, Background Checks…
    • Training – Management training, FOH Training, BOH Training…
    • Managerial Development – Scheduling, Inventory, Purchasing…
    • POS Assistance – Menu entry, Staff training…
    • Project Management – Merchants, Deliveries, Deadlines… 
  2. Menu Development, Design and Roll Out
  3. Graphic Design
    • Menu Design
    • Website Design
    • Poster Design
    • Logo Design
    • Special Event & Take Out Menu Design
    • Merchandise Design
  4. Inventory Assistance & Analysys
  5. Marketing Assistance
    • Advertising Consultation
    • Local Area Marketing Program
    • Website Traffic and Source Monitoring
    • S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Facebook and Google ad campaign assistance
  6. Special Event Planning
    • Banquets
    • Festivals
    • Private Parties
    • Competitions
  7. Health Inspection Prep

C. Inspiration. With the hope of providing positive services to our clients and helpful information to our guests we strive to inspire your culinary aspirations be it business or be it pleasure.