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Down South Eats was hired to assist with the Grand Opening of Carnell’s Restaurant in Louisville, MS and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. What a nice bunch of people to work with for the month of June. We assisted Chef Carnell with many aspects of the opening of his first restaurant. Below I will list out the various areas we worked in, a photo gallery is included as well.

Where We Helped:

  • Clover P.O.S. – Installation, Set-Up, Product Entry, App Development, Merchant Service Integration, etc…
  • Credit Card Processing – Worked directly with First Data ensuring credit card processing works with P.O.S. and funds are collected.
  • Staffing – Helped interview, hire and coordinate all employees with time clocks, taxes, payroll and P.O.S. system.
  • Operational Procedures – Developed all front of house duties, checklist, training, manuals, etc…
  • Printing – Assisted in getting all print media(menus, flyers, shirts, etc) ordered, proofed and printed.
  • Financial Reporting Assistance – Developed, organized and trained staff on cash handling, end of day reports, payroll reports, change requisitions.
  • Physical Layout Optimization – Helped organize kitchen, cashier station, dining room & parking lot for maximum comfortability, productivity and occupational space.
  • Ordering Assistance and Analysis – Helped set up ordering systems and checklist for Carnell’s to use. Helped find the best prices from vendors.
  • Basic Marketing Assistance – Assisted in setting up and training practices for using facebook, twitter and Instagram for business purposes.
  • Soft Opening – Organized and operated a soft opening with the staff for training purposes.
  • Gala Banquets – Organized and operated a Gala Event with Louisville Chamber of Commerce with the staff for marketing and special event purposes.
  • Grand Opening Week – Organized and operated a week long grand opening event. Worked along side the team at Carnell’s every step of the way.
  • Day to Day Operations – Assisted the staff for the first two weeks out of Grand Opening. Helped in all ways possible, such as taking orders, cooking orders, answering phones, ordering products, etc… Basically I was at their beckon call until they were comfortable enough to take it on their own.

MIX 106.1 Live at Carnell’s Gallery:

Here are some photos form an event I planned for Carnell’s Restaurant, Mix 106.1 & DJ LoveBone. What a great turnout at such a fun place for the celebration of Carnell’s Grand Opening. Can’t wait to do it again.

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