Menu Design – Amelia Island Restaurant Week

I worked on the Amelia Island Restaurant Week project multiple times over the years. It was basically the same process each Time. Put together the tri-fold brochure and magazine advertisements a few weeks in advance, then during December it was all menu design.

This menu design is vastly different than a traditional menu as its not for a single restaurant or typical showcase event. This menu is comprised of menus from dozens of different restaurants. Therefore all the copy I get comes from dozens of different restaurant managers from dozens of different restaurants. There is no universal format or consistency in the style, spelling, punctuation, etc of these menus. This is where the bulk of the time is spent.

Not a whole lot more to say, its pretty basic aside from the editing process. Prepare the logo, design a cover, design a menu layou, get approval, go to work. Below is the entire 2014 Amelia Island Restaurant Week Menu.