Wine Diamonds

OK so we’re gonna talk about wine diamonds.

You might have seen them before and not known what you were looking at.

Maybe you opened a bottle of wine and found little small crystals on the bottom of the cork. Well if so, don’t worry, the wine is just fine to drink, those are “wine diamonds”

What you are seeing are tartrate crystals, a harmless and naturally occurring byproduct of making wine. While you might think this is why these crystals are referred to as diamonds, it is not.

They’re actually referred to as “wine diamonds” as an expression of quality. Many consider the crystals to be a sign that the wine has not been over-manipulated in the cellar.

Wine diamonds are a very natural occurrence, which is another reason many sommeliers enjoy their presence. You see, now days some winemakers use a process called cold stabilization to expedite this occurrence.

The process basically encourages the wine to go ahead create the crystals while it’s in the fermenting tank. This allows the winemaker to filter out the tartrate crystals BEFORE the wine is bottled. I’m not sure if I said all that right but I think you catch my drift.

Anyway, this is getting too sciencey for me now.

The skinny on these gems…

They’re harmless, they’re flavorless(trust me), they’re pretty to look at, they’re a sign of quality winemaking and they’re also a good conversation piece.

*You can also find them in the bottom of you wine, no worries, a strainer and a decanter and you’re all set to enjoy your wine.